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Tree of Lyfe Collection

Healing Stones 12 pc Box Set

Healing Stones 12 pc Box Set

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 Keep these healing stones with you to balance & revitalize your energy.

This box comes with 12 stones and a soft carry pouch. 

Amethyst - Promotes peace and removes negative energy

Aventurine - Good for luck and money

Sodalite - Good for creativity

Agate - Increases energy

Crystal Quartz - Good for meditation

Rose Quartz - Brings love and confidence

Tiger Eye - Good for traveling, bring energy

Obsidian - Provides protection and balance

Orange Calcite - Balances emotion, removes fear

Unakite - Promotes self-awareness and self-love

Dalmatian Jasper - Encourages family loyalties, unity, and strength 

Hematite - Promotes courage and strength



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